Learning in the 21st Century

While opportunities for learning has increased dramatically over the last 10-15 years, it has become apparent that the reasons for learning is on the decrease. With a proliferation of online schools, courses and learning materials in general, learning is no longer restricted to formal schooling. With the right attitude and some resources, it is now possible to learn anywhere, anytime and indeed almost anything.

And while opportunities are on the upside, individuals are challenged to develop particular skills and master them for financial survival – it is just the way the world operates at the moment. On one hand, you are expected to be the most-skilled apprentice in town, while on the other, there’s no guarantee that being the best in the business is a licence for permanence on any job. What then is absolutely required is re-training, re-educating, re-inventing one’s self. So herein i believe lies a complex dilemma – diversity, while highly valued, does not guarantee success but becomes absolutely vital for survival.

So what really reason for learning in the 21st century and is it different from traditional views of learning? On a personal note, i’d like to continue learning because i love to, but also because it is now possible expand one’s horizons. However, i need to function effectively on my day-to-day job. And while continuous learning will positively affect my routine work, i believe finding the balance between focused learning and holistic learning is critical.

One thing for sure is that learning for the next big job will continue to haunt the estates of our learning spaces.

About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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