Note to a Minister

I feel compelled to share the content of an email (via FB messaging) because of the parallels it is likely drawing between  the raging debate around copyrights in Guyana and the Government’s position on the matter and the opportunities that exist in the Education system to avoid the copyrights issue in the long term. This email was written to the Minister of Education days after she was sworn into office. The exact date is December 05, 2011.

Full content….

Dear Minister, Heartiest Congratulations to you on your new appointment as Minister of Education. i want to wish you all the best as you execute your plans to develop the education sector in Guyana.

As a young educator myself, i take pride in the fact that someone in my age range is put in charge of such a critical ministry. I believe the energy will flow and education will improve tremendously under your stewardship.

I wish to suggest a few things from the top of my head that i think you can think about as you set out your agenda of continuous improvement. Without getting into too much details, i humbly suggest that the following are ideas that can be explored:

1. Research – i believe it is critical that teachers get involved in research as part of their development and overall development of the education system.

2.Teachers Annual Workshops and Conference – these forums i believe will provide the space for teachers to meet-up, present their research, sharing practices, discussing issues, etc.

3. Integration of newer ICTs in Education – the ministry should pursue this goal with all its will. I believe it is NOT just ok to have access to ICTs but we must systematically introduce ICTs as part of the teaching and learning process. The current programs of distributing computers to schools and families will compliment this effort.

4. Publications – i believe items 2. above will provide materials that should be then integrated into publications for use in the Education sector. Further, i believe that teachers writing books, manuals, etc can propel our education sector at a much faster rate. Writing will empower teachers further, might provide an opportunity for them to earn in a very systematic way, and of course raise our teachers profiles.

I thank you for reading this short note.

Once again best wishes.



About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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