On Digital Citizenship

Tonight on #etmchat we had a great conversation about Digital Citizenship. A range of ideas were exchanged. We started off with the question – what is digital citizenship. To this question there were various definitions. Active participation and taking responsibility for our actions seem to be the dominant views expressed. The question about lurking and good citizenship was raised. It was suggested that one needs to actively participate.

The conversation rattled on to the idea of teaching kids how to develop good digital citizenship and making them aware of the impact of their digital behavior that could result in being branded for life with a digital tattoo. This is an interesting perspective because it suggests that all we do now will somehow be branded permanently and will follow us for life – either for the good or the not so good. It is also interesting from the point of view that we are acting upon the idea that we know what will be ‘no so good’ in the future. Perhaps we do! So one challenge therefore is for us to set good examples for kids and teach them how to be good digital citizens – whatever that might mean.

The recurring theme throughout the conversation was pinned on the idea that all we do now is forever logged (or tattoed) for later use. While i personally believe that we ought to act appropriately at all times, i also believe that we are overly worried about this digital tattoo and its consequences 10, 15,20, x years later down.

Should we be so worried?

About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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