Facebook and Learning

Today (Monday, February 24, 2014) – a national holiday in Guyana, i am at work (the University of Guyana). I am not here to work though. Certainly not. I am the only one here except the security guards and some construction workers.

I came to deliver a presentation to Moodle MOOC 3 on Facebook Groups and Learning Management. I am here because i do not have enough bandwidth at home to effect a video/audio presentation. Most importantly, i am here because i want to share some of my experiences with others. I am here because i feel part of a larger community. I am here because i feel compelled to do so.

The presentation went well and i believe it was well received. The audience was small but appreciative – I cannot emphasize how very personal smaller groups feel. It was interesting to note that some in the audience have not used Facebook for any educational ends. I promised to share my experiences and help out if any is interested in using Facebook.

The presentation concluded with a wider discourse on technology and in particular Facebook’s future. Nellie Deutsch (the Moderator) asked what we think of Facebook’s future. She believes it will go the way of MySpace – spam spam spam. I was more optimistic, more hopeful i suppose.  I believe we will continue to see valuable learning communities emerge and remain -at least for the nearest future. We also spoke about Google and the range of technologies they have on offer. We noted their struggle to find that social platform, as G+ is not yet so user-friendly.

Finally, as the presentation ended, i couldn’t help but wonder how disconnected i am to my colleagues locally in this way. Perhaps i need to open up myself more locally and create opportunities to share my experiences. Seminars? Workshops? Talks?

Something to think about.

About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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