Learning Design and #CDMOOC

Another MOOC is on my list and this time it is CDMOOC from Swinburne University and facilitated by Professor Gilly Salmon of e-tivities fame and her colleagues.

And of course the question is ‘why another MOOC’? Well as i write, a number of reasons are obvious. I am very interested in the work of Professor Gilly Salmon. More importantly though, i am very keen to develop formal learning design skills. For a number of a years now i  have thought carefully, and quietly, about the matter of designing better learning experiences for students. This course i believe provides a perfect opportunity.

It has only recently occurred to me that in all of 14 years of teaching, i have not had any formal training on ‘learning design’. In my environment, professional development is almost non-existent. However, this is no excuse in the modern age, or so i am trying to convince myself. I am here, i am online, i have access and i must make the best use of that.

So i am excited to be part of the course and now that i have just learned that i am a Lobster 4 member, a touch more excited. Can’t wait to getting on with the individual and group learning activities.

I am equally happy that #CDMOOC spaces are available outside of the usual closed classroom environment. I am a big fan of Facebook and the CDMOOC Facebook group is already buzzing with activities.

Carpe Horam! Carpe Diem!


About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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2 Responses to Learning Design and #CDMOOC

  1. balimaha says:

    Hey thanks, Len! I hadn’t noticed the fb group – much easier for me to keep track of everything via facebook – esp. That my iPad dislikes coursesites (and edx for that matter). Sooo excited about this. If it makes you feel any better, I have been studying education for over 10 years and supporting learning design and teaching and never had formal training either! I think this will be a good one! If only they would announce my group to me and the courseites wouldn’t keep kicking me out!!

  2. lenandlar says:

    Hi Maha, sorry i am late in responding to you. Hope you are enjoying the course. I have dropped off because of too many competing things. I really needed this but you know how it is with all the usual work stuff.

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