The MEd. Journey

Two things will happen in the coming week.

Firstly, I will formally commence reading for a Masters degree in Education with specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. Admittedly, the thought of sitting in class again as a student and listening to a lecture/r is both exciting and intimidating. It is exciting simply because I will  be experiencing what my students experience when I’m the teacher. It is a chance to feel that feeling again. Strangely,  being a lecturer and a student at the same time and sitting in the classroom of one of my colleagues as lecturer intimidates me.

Why? The questions are many. Would I have the courage to question my colleagues? And would I have to spend too much energy negotiating any power struggles that might arise? Am I going to have to work hard at maintaining some sort of balance between being a student, a colleague and a lecturer at the same time? Is the course going to challenge and expose my weaknesses? Will there be enough time to engage with the learning experience? Uneasy is the road ahead.

However, the challenges apart, curriculum studies excite me.  The exposure to Curriculum Theory in general and Curriculum Development and Evaluation in particular fuel this excitement. One of the justifications for my enrollment in this program will mold me into a rounded educator. In particular, however, this program is a potentially the stepping stone for my movement closer to the intersection of Education and Technology. It is my long term desire to work in the environment where education and technology interacts seamlessly. In the 21st century IT/CS educators with foundations in education will have a greater role in many aspects of IT/CS education since not many IT/CS educators are formally trained in education and not many educators work with the technical aspects of technology.

I will let you know more about the second thing soon.


About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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