14 years on

September 1 is a special day for me. 14 years ago this day a new journey commenced. It is my work anniversary. Thanks to Mr. John Caesar (RIP) I found employment at the University of Guyana. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the time. One day he found a wandering, jobless youngster with little hope of employment (at least in the near future) as all applications were greeted with ‘sorry no vacancy’ or just silence. I did not do an interview. I was employed on the spot. Such was my luck. In fact, I did not formally apply for this job (the only one i didn’t). So that is a bit of my work history.

So what has happened since? Much has changed. I am older, and hopefully wiser, and still learning the craft of teaching. After 14 years i still feel like i haven’t mastered this teaching thing. It is a work in progress. Indeed, it has been so from day one. The first years were very rough. Large classes. Inexperience. Demanding students. Old stuff to teach, like Fortran. It was a steep learning curve.

Many things have changed – more technology, the Internet, Social Media, an almost new generation of students. Some things never change – reaching out to students, a word of encouragement, these things, they don’t diminish in significance.

Fast forward to 2014 and I now find myself teaching the children of my friends and those of my former students. It is hard to explain how that feels. Sometimes i wonder what they think of my work and my style and everything else. It’s a feeling of vulnerability.

Cheers to 14 wonderful years. Life has been kind to me. I look forward to many more special years ahead.

About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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