Curating Blog Posts for #Rhizo15

For no obvious reason at all I started off #Rhizo15 with the urge to do something every day. In no time I found myself reading various blogs from participants and decided it might just be a good idea to curate blog posts.

I started off by creating a Facebook Page since a Facebook Group is already available for #rhizo15 discussions. I thought a Page might be useful to keep blog posts separate and perhaps provide a central space for readers who might be interested. Well it’s the end of week 1 almost and with 8 likes that’s not turning out too great. But hey, that was not an “objective” of setting up the page. Maybe it was my “subjective” contribution. J

What I basically do is try to keep an eye on who’s sharing blogs about Rhizo15 in the Facebook Group and on Twitter and literally anywhere else and copy the links over to the Facebook Page. This is very easy to do. However, it is a challenge to keep track of what is already copied and what might be new. I am also tagging the post in the Facebook Page with #rhizo15wk1 (for week 1). I am not sure how well Facebook #hashtags work to be honest but I thought it’d be useful to tag posts.

But the challenging of tracking what’s already there and what’s new remains. So I decided I needed a multi-prong approach. I started a spreadsheet (and as I typed that I realized I should use a Google Doc/Sheet, which I will) to keep track of Authors and URLs. I can easily sort the spreadsheet by author names and this is a nice little way of knowing who’s in and who’s not. So at the moment I have a spreadsheet organized with ‘Sheet’ tabs for each week (want to keep track of posts by week). It is way much easier to keep track of posts by week in a spreadsheet than by a Facebook hashtag, I think, and especially if it doesn’t work well (Facebook # ie).

And finally I decided, with some gentle push by Sarah Honeychurch, to curate these links on my personal blog. So I created a tab on my blog here and I’ve added all the curated links identified thus far. This might prove useful for those who may not be around Facebook. It is perhaps also useful for those of us who are busy (all of us).

But surely there has to be an easier way to curate content this way. While tools exist like, Facebook page, grasshopper (from Stephen Downes, not sure how this works), they still very much depend on metatags, cooperative curating from contributors, and constant monitoring.

Now the challenge is to continue this to week 2.


About lenandlar

Lenandlar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.
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